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Flip a Coin Day06/0110:00AM
Birthday Party06/0112:30PM
Owen's B-day06/014:00PM
Falmouth High School Project Grad06/0211:00PM
John Bapst High School Project Grad06/028:00PM
Winslow High School Project Grad06/059:00PM
Carrabec Community Scholl Field Day06/057:30AM
Lawrence High School Project Grad06/0610:00PM
Hussey Elementary School Field Day06/068:30AM
Presque Isle High School Project Grad06/0712:00PM
Westbrook High School Project Grad06/089:00PM
Best Friends Day06/0810:00AM
Lincoln's B-day Party06/083:30PM
Evan's B-day Party06/0812:00PM
Cony High School Project Grad 201906/098:00PM
Caribou High School Project Grad06/0912:00PM
Gorham High School Project Grad06/0910:00PM
Donald Duck Day06/0911:00AM
Mt View High Scholl Project Grad06/099:00PM
Leavitt Area Project Grad 06/098:30PM
Sanford High School Project Grad06/129:30PM
Fort Kent Elementary School06/148:30AM
Flag Day06/1410:00PM
Eamon B-day Party06/144:30PM
World Juggler's Day06/1510:00AM
Lorelei's B-Day Party06/152:00PM
Luke's Graduation Party06/161:00PM
Father's Day06/1611:00AM
Bangor High School Project Grad 06/1610:00PM
China Middle School 8th Grade Graduation Party06/1710:00AM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag 06/2410:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2510:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2610:00PM
University of Maine at Orono Laser tag06/2710:00PM
International Body Piercing Day/Paul Bunyan Day06/2810:00AM
Kennebec Chamber MIll Park Fun Day06/2911:00AM
Mapleton Daze06/2911:00AM
Meteor Day06/3011:00AM
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Winter / Summer Camp or School Field Trips

Budget Friendly Pricing
Camp Wekeela Carnival Day07/08/19

    We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to hold the ultimate event for your School Field Trips or Summer / Winter Camp

Why G-force Laser Tag?
Mobile Outdoor / Indoor Laser Tag is unlike any typical youth activity.
G-Force Laser Tag is a high-tech game of hide and seek, tag, and capture the flag all rolled into one. Laser Tag can be played in an outdoor setting larger then a football stadium or in an area as comfortable as an indoor basketball court.

Campers will be having so much fun they won't even realize they are learning valuable lessons such as teamwork, strategizing skills, self confidence and good sportsmanship. Let us show you what a blast we are.

Not only does G-Force Laser Tag create the most exciting memories, we bring the fun to your campers.


We strive to provide a great time for all involved. At G-Force we always put kids first.

More about G-Force Laser Tag.

G-force is a high-tech Laser Tag game where players split up into two teams and play to score points for themselves and their team. The objectives are simple. First, tag opposing team members. Second, work together as a team to reach the other team's base and capture their flag for the win. (Objective in Capture the Flag) It's not just a game; a G-force Laser Tag experience also cultivates teamwork and leadership skills as each team works together to accomplish their mission's objectives. Featuring a state of the art Mobile Indoor / Outdoor Laser Tag system, this high-energy action is for players of ALL ages, and is guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.

G-Force Laser Tag is the answer to an increasing demand for entertainment for all ages:
Anyone age 5 to adult can play. And best of all we go to you or you can book an event at one of our locations.

" Its like playing a video game


You Are Playing In The Game, For Real!!! "

G-force can accommodate any size group, and almost any level of athletic of physical ability. Whether you want to hire us for the day or use us for a Fundraiser, we have special rates that will fit your budget!

Call G-Force Laser Tag and Reserve your camp experience today 207-227-5562

We look forward to being your guest at Your Location.

Footwear: Sneakers or hiking footwear, No sandals.
Clothing: Loose fitting clothing that can get dirty. Best to wear nature colors like brown, black, & green. Shorts & T-shirts are fine.
No loose jewelry or cell phones on the field of play.

"Earth's Favorite Laser Game"

Call us today to schedule the best Field Trip on this planet!!

Call us today at (207) 227-5562 speak with a G-Force Laser Tag representative and schedule the BEST Birthday Party or Special Event on this planet!!

Also Available Corporate Outings, Fund Raising, Adventure Camp, Team Building Events, Grad Nights, Youth Center Activities, Family Get-Togethers, Fairs, and Special Events or Just Plain Laser Tag Fun!!!.

Remember We Travel Anywhere On Our Planet For Laser Tag Events.

Mobile indoor or outdoor laser tag is also good for youth camp team building activities in the summer or winter camp setting, in Maine or any where else in the USA.


In this ultimate adventure,

You Don't Just Play The Game,

You're in it!

 G-force Laser Tag Camp